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KAVO Primus 1058 Life TM

Rp 950.000.000,00

Dental Chair and Accessories KAVO Primus 1058 Life TM

Registration No. : KEMENKES RI AKL 10605718935 Brand :
SKU : 1.010.5000


Dental Chair and Accessories KAVO Primus 1058 Life TM


Your practice in the best light
Natural white light for every selection of color shades
COMPOsave mode for delayed hardening of the filling material

It’s all about your back
Ergonomics and comfort in perfect harmony
Healthy sitting posture have a significant influence on the profitability of
your practice

Prevention – Hygiene
Daily hygiene more efficient with easy to clean surface
Automated assistant hygiene unit
Protect water lines from contaminated water with KaVo OXYGENAL 6

Show it to your patients
Kavo Screen HD – 19 inch medical grade monitor, for hygiene safety
Safety glass panels
Narrow gap on the housing for easy cleaning

Efficiency for your assistant
Sensitive touch panel for quick and easy function control
Flexible height adjustmend and extensive swivel range, pure argonomics

Type Table
TM Table
The basics within your reach
Ergonomics – makes your daily work simple

Connects what belongs together
More efficiency in your everyday routine
Screenshot option of a region of interest and show the patient
Saves time and no need additional processing
Every diagnosis is logged, summarized and saved completely

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KaVo EXPERTtorque Mini LUX E677 L
KaVo EXPERTmatic series

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Registration No.

KEMENKES RI AKL 10605718935


Dental Chair and Accessories


Primus 1058 Life TM



Made in



Unit: 2 Tahun, Spareparts: 5 Years